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I liked you better before

Every day this week has felt like Friday. What a depressing moment, coming to the realization that it is indeed Wednesday, and not Friday.

I didn't go to history today 7th period because we were supposed to be doing presentations-I already presented so I went home because I had a doctor's appt. Turns out, Haffley was sick, so we had a sub, and a very large assignment. Well crap. That's what I get.

Spanish test= waste of time.

I cannot wait until Friday. It is going to be the best, and this week is getting better and better.

I had to read the stupid assignment for english. It was soo boring. I thought the Scarlet Letter was dull...well, these authors one-up'd Nathaniel Hawthorn. However, I have finished, and am proud of myself.

I can make it through tomorrow, and then it is Friday. :)

Math class is hilarious. Eamon's jingle for Moon Pies about made me die.

Well, I am off to do whatever the heck I feel like, because I have, for once, finished my homework early.

I'm out here, way beyond the shadow of a doubt, and I know I'm never falling out of favor with you.
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