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And I Finally Feel Alive

Tomorrow is Friday.  Plans for the evening have changed a little bit, but my mood hasn't gone down too bad because I don't work Saturday, and we're still hanging out. 

CRAP...I was typing stuff, and then it dissapeared, and now I forgot what I was going to say. ARG, this sucks.

I've decided that I need to work a little bit harder.  Not like completely consume myself in studying, but I'm slacking a little too much this semester already. 

I am still in the process of finding the perfect digital camera.  I'm going to do it soon though.  For real.

Ok, well I can't think of anything else to update about. So this is the end.


When was the last time you…

Slept: last night

Showered: this morning

Talked on the phone: just now

Read a good book: last month

Watched a good movie: last week

Ate: a few hours ago

Went to a concert: September

Said, “I love you”: 2 hours ago

Cried: today

Laughed: today

Were disappointed: today

Prayed: about 2 hours ago

Looked at the stars: 2 hours ago

Took a picture: yesterday



Day of the week: Friday/Saturday

Season: Summer

Class: photography

Movie: Dumb and Dumber/ Secret Window

Band: Relient K

Food: pineapple

Drink: water/ purple cow

Teacher: Haffley

Song: My Stupid Mouth


Do you…

Wear glasses or contacts? both

Feel happy or sad more often than not? usually happy

Wish things were different? in a way

Believe in God? yes

Consider yourself a good friend? most of the time

Have a secret? I think everyone does



What classes are you taking? algebra 3/4, orchestra, biology, photography, english, spanish, American history

What is the weather like? cold

What are you wearing? pijamas

Do you have a crush? yeah

Does anyone have a crush on you? I don't think so

Are you happy with where you live? yeah

Have you been on television? a few times

What color eyes do you have? blue

Shoe size? 6

Give a random quote from a song: He said "Love endures all things" and it hurts to think He's right If I mark the span of failure
is his burden just as light?

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