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Let's recap-

Friday night: Ew. The movie was good, however.

Saturday: FREEDOM! NO WORK!  I got stuff done, and got to hang out at Bruce's house.  Way super super fun, and we made a sweet snowball that was like 5 feet tall.

Sunday: Worked, almost lost my job (sort of) and went to youth group. Eh, that was fun.  Actually, it was wonderful because I have now decided that I am completely, entirely, and absolutely over Nathan.  Yessss.

Which brings me to the realization- The reason guys and I aren't working out right now is because no matter who I think I like, he is always ALWAYS there too.  Like, I think I like a guy, but I find myself subconsciously comparing them to him...'him' is the name that he shall go by for now...Because I'm about 62.5% sure that he reads this. 

Yeah, I'm acting like a middle schooler.

Another thing I've realized is that I have screwed up some relationships as the backlash of my stupid immaturity.  So I shall fix them.  Yay

I wish there would be a snowday tomorrow.  But nahhh I doubt it.

Maybe I'll actually get a decent night's sleep tonight.  For the past couple of days I've been having super scary dreams that have woken me up all scared.  But yeah, what can ya do.

From here on out, God is, and will stay above all.  Any guy that doesn't accept that is, well,





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