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Take my Hand, Live While you Can

The one time that I had not a single ounce of hope for a snowday, that all I did was joke around about missing school, we had a snowday.  Like every district in the city did.  It was flippin sweet.

I found the camera I'm getting.  It's a digital camera/camcorder and it's less that $90.  Heck yes.

My roll of film is due tomorrow in photography and I have like 4 pictures taken.  Crap.

So I'm sick with somethin.  I think it's just a cold, but we'll see.  I might go to the doctor. 

I.CANNOT.wait.until.summer. I can't do it.

I got some jeans today with my mom, which has got to be one of my very least things to do.  I loathe buying jeans.  I can never find ones that I like.  ugh. I got one pair.  They're ok, but the selection wasn't good because my mom was sick and didn't feel like being there long. 

I have been praying and praying about a bunch of stuff.  This guy that I like has every single aspect of what I look for in a guy.  Everything. I haven't ever felt this way before. Like, I've liked guys in the midst of him, but it is never the same.  I wish I could just tell him.  Something tells me that he knows already. I'm just going to do it one of these days. It just sucks because I'm pretty positive he used to like me at one point. But things got so screwed up that it was all over.
Grrr, one day I think I'm over it, but the more I wish that I could control the way I feel, the more I realize that I can't.  There's got to be something that God's trying to show me, I just need to figure it out.

School sucks every ounce of goodness out of life.

Greendayskater70 (6:09:09 PM): ok, let's play a game. you can only talk in song titles, and use other words just to make sense. got it? oh yeah, underline titles
Tinkerbellchic74 (6:09:13 PM): got it
Tinkerbellchic74 (6:09:36 PM): but no thanks
Greendayskater70 (6:10:23 PM): Please?
Tinkerbellchic74 (6:10:44 PM): fine. Are You Happy Now?
Greendayskater70 (6:11:06 PM): Happier
Tinkerbellchic74 (6:11:48 PM): So, Wonderboy,
Greendayskater70 (6:12:10 PM): You're Cute When You Scream
Greendayskater70 (6:12:19 PM): Cute Without the "e"
Tinkerbellchic74 (6:12:34 PM): Shut Up
Greendayskater70 (6:12:50 PM): Crap, She Hates Me
Tinkerbellchic74 (6:13:10 PM): I Hate Everything About You
Greendayskater70 (6:13:39 PM): Baby's Got a Temper!
Tinkerbellchic74 (6:13:58 PM): Sorry, So Sorry
Tinkerbellchic74 (6:14:27 PM): Goodbye Blue Sky
Greendayskater70 (6:14:37 PM): Don't Leave Me Now!!!
Greendayskater70 (6:14:52 PM): Anyone Can Play The Guitar...
Tinkerbellchic74 (6:14:56 PM): True
Greendayskater70 (6:15:24 PM): There's No "I" in Team
Tinkerbellchic74 (6:15:45 PM): I dunno, it's Hard To Say
Greendayskater70 (6:16:03 PM): No
Greendayskater70 (6:16:13 PM): You're So Last Summer
Tinkerbellchic74 (6:16:28 PM): This Is The End
Greendayskater70 (6:16:44 PM): WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

haha, gooooood stuff.

[edit] Oh yes, this seems to be the trend-- You Are Snow White!

Pure and trusting. You are a gentle soul who can get along with just about anyone. Everyone you meet instantly falls in love with you. How can they resist? You have a pure, lovable nature that's irresistable. Just don't trust everyone who comes across your path.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

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