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I love to love you out loud

I pretty much woke up like 20 minutes late...rolled out of bed, and went to school. We were late. Like-late. The bell rang before we got into the building this time. Oh well. I looked like crap, but I really really didn't care.

School was so stupid. We moved seats in spanish, and Sarai and I are partners, which was pretty sweet. ¡Por fin!

I seriously had 4 hours of homework today. How lame is it that we have 7 hours of school a day, and then come home to do that much more work. UGH. I feel so accomplished though cause I got my 19 page packet that's due Wednesday for history done.

I've got my pijamas on inside out...hoping for a delay tomorrow. But no, my hopes are not up.

Tuesdays are usually not bad for homework. I need to practice for a hardcore playing test on Wednesday. That's about it.

Turns out Mrs. Bale did recognize me when she came in to eat on Sunday. She said I looked busy so she didn't want to be distracting. Hehe.

Speaking of distracting:

Greendayskater70: You're just a stumbling block on my quest to focusing on working hard in life. You distract me and I'm doin all good, and then I fall on my face. Ouch

Good times...that reminds me of Chicago.

Well, I am actually going to bed soon.

And I really am gonna tell someone. Cause It doesn't even matter to me anymore.

I'm gonna stand on a rooftop, climb up a mountain top, baby scream and shout. I wanna sing it on the radio, show it on a video, baby leave no doubt. I want the whole world to know just what I'm all about. I love to love you out loud.
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