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Love Goes Wrong But Life Goes On

2 Hour Delays = Happiness

Today was just fine.  35-ish minute classes are a thing I can DEFINITELY get used to, that is for sure.  Classes went as so...

  1. Did normal stuff...I actually had homework since we didn't have much class time
  2. Played through the Russian Easter Overature.  Retarded.
  3. Pretty much had a free period because science fair stuff needed to be turned in
  4. Pretty much a study hall, like photography is everyday.  Though tomorrow I actually have to print my stripes.
  5. We watched Of Mice and Men, which is so so sad.
  6. Gayness like Spanish usually is.  But today seemed worse than usual.
  7. Watched Schindler's List, which was also really sad, and helped Megan write a poem.

What a waste of a day.  Seriously, I did like nothing. 

There was like no one at bible study tonight.  But that's ok.

Tomorrow will be kind of nice because I will have absolutely nothing planned after school, so yeah, I can relax and do whatever the heck I want. Yep. 

So the concert was super sweet.  I love Chris Tomlin.  A lot.  I'll post some pictures later maybe.

So wow, I have nothing else to say.  Except I am very hungry.  So Goodnight!

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