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I think about the life I'll have when this fragile one is gone

Yesterday morning sucked. I was late to school because my contact went like way back in my eye, and it frickin hurt. So that was fun, explaining to the lady in the attendance office why I was late. Ugh

But actually, by the end of the night, when I went to bed, I was extremely happy. Like super happy.

Then I woke up, and school went back to ruining my life again. But I'd rather be at school than frickin gay work. I need to find time to do my science project since I have like no free time to do it on the weekends. Actually, I just need to make some. I just have no desire to give up my precious afternoons and evenings to do even more work.

I have a math test tomorrow that is going to kick my butt, as well as a history test that I am unprepared for. I'm not as much worried about the history test, since I usually do fine, but this math test is gonna suck and I know it.

The picture I took of Sarai and her violin turned out really well as and 8x10. I was way excited.

My spanish grade is finally going back up. That class pisses me off. Bad.

I cannot wait until summer. I have said, and will continue to say this, hoping that by saying it more and more, it will come faster.

So the new Bugs Bunny that they're making pisses me off super bad too. It's all vicious looking and disturbing. What the crap possessed Warner Brothers to change a classic like Luney Tunes?

Well I am bored, and this post is even more boring, so I am going to go to bed very shortly. We've made it through half the week.

Then and there, I confess-I'll blame all this on my selfishness. Yet you love me, and that consumes me.
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