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I'm bouncin off the walls again

So this post is exclusively for Stephanie because she says that I never write about her in here, which of course is not true, but I thought I would anyway.

So we've pretty much decided on our next movie. This, I must say, is going to be even better than our last movie about where I killed her and stuff. And that was freakin amazing. We just need to find the time, and then we'll film it.

I was talking to her, and I was being a total blond and it was funny. It went kinda like this:

BoraBora (6:25:09 PM): wow im cold
Tinkerbellchic7 (6:25:12 PM): me too
BoraBora (6:25:13 PM): im in my bathing suit lol
Tinkerbellchic7 (6:25:15 PM): what is with this wednesday
Tinkerbellchic7 (6:25:16 PM): why?!
Tinkerbellchic7 (6:25:20 PM): psychopath
BoraBora (6:26:02 PM): i have no idea
BoraBora (6:26:07 PM): ha what?
BoraBora (6:26:09 PM): wednesday?
BoraBora (6:26:12 PM): its thursday
Tinkerbellchic7 (6:26:23 PM: Umm, duh, thanks bud, I was confused...
Tinkerbellchic7 (6:26:23 PM: wait a minute...
Tinkerbellchic7 (6:26:23 PM): holy crap
Tinkerbellchic7 (6:26:30 PM): I totally meant to say "what is with this weather"
Tinkerbellchic7 (6:26:39 PM): hahaha
Tinkerbellchic7 (6:26:42 PM): I'm an idiot
BoraBora (6:26:56 PM): nice
BoraBora (6:26:58 PM): blonde moment
BoraBora (6:26:59 PM): that's hott

So yeah, I'm an idiot, and pretty much BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS. What can I say? I'm pretty high on life right now. Not.


Ok well tomorrow is Friday kids. And I'm watching Braveheart.

I took a half hour nap after school today, and it was really weird because I woke up to turn off my alarm clock on my phone, and I'm not even kidding, I looked down, and I saw like a million ants crawling on my bed. I freaked out, and then realized that I was definitely still sleeping. It was so creepy.

I went to Bruce's concert tonight. It was funny because he was looking around and didn't see me.

He makes me so happy.
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