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You wonder why you're on your face again

You know...when you sit back, relax, and honestly take a very thorough look at your life, and put things into perspective, you will discover what it is that keeps you going.  What it is that gives you enough incentive to make it through the week, and what sparks hope for a good day tomorrow. 

I recently have done this.  I've stepped off of my little pedestal of self-concern for a moment and really taken a look at where I am right now, what is to come, and what I've learned from the past. 

What I've come to realize:

  • I feel closer to God than I have been in a while, and I am excited to see where he is taking me next in my life. I regret ever being satisfied where I was in my walk, and I have finally opened my eyes to see that I am the one that had turned away.
  • Telling people how I feel is a lot easier to do when I understand the fact that the world will continue to rotate whether or not they feel the same.
  • Worrying get's me absolutely nowhere in the big picture, and although me saying this now probably won't do a whole lot, I am writing this down, because I was thinking, and for this moment in time, I honestly and truely was at peace with almost everything in my life.
  • You give a new meaning to happiness when you can be in the same room with someone, and do absolutely nothing, and before they open their mouth, you know you don't want to leave.

I can deal with school, I can deal with work, I can deal with stress.  This last semester will go by quickly, and after that, things will be perfect again.

For the first time in a long time, I feel like this is meaningful, and really how I  actually feel.

I can't stay awake, cause you know I'm thinkin, always thinkin of you.  I can't fall asleep, cause you know I'm dreamin, always dreamin of you.

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