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So I have been gone for a while cause I've been busy doing stuff, but let's recap-

Friday: Young Life was fun as usual in the morning. I left after 6th period, for I hadn't packed at all, and then I left to go to church. I arrived and saw all of my wonderful friends and saw Nick, which completely and entirely rocked my socks off. I had missed him like no other. So that was fun. We arrived at Crooked Creek and listened to Foolish Things, which was a sweet band, and heard Erik Lawson speak, which was insane.

Saturday: We had some crazy fun...Lori and I straightened Kevin's hair. I felt so accomplished because he has like wicked ringlets all over his head and we straigtened it all, and he looked hot. (that's what all the girls were saying, at least) it was hilarious.

Lori, Kevin, Adam, Nick, Chris, Kyle and got in an intense game of around the world ping pong, and that was wicked fun too. Later that night, we played this game that involved racing these skittles to the other side of the camp without having anyone shine a flashlight on you, and Andrew Wilde chased me over a hill and I fell on my face over Alex, and like scraped up my forehead on a block of ice. It was fun. Then, everyone went tubing, but Me, Josh, Austin, Tyler Lori, Matt, Nick, and Kevin didn't feel like going, so we were playing pool, and Matt and Nick taught me how to juggle-ish.

We had a countdown going to midnight, and when it arrived Tyler, Lori and I ran around the cabins making all kinds of noise, and Josh and Seth rang the bell and almost got me in huge trouble. It was exciting. Josh walked across the fire, and I kept getting mad at him cause I thought he was going to catch himself on fire. Everyone felt the need to throw me in the snow like 10 times because it was my birthday, so that was pretty cold.

Sunday: woke up to hear the fire alarm going off, but it was all a big joke. I am 16! Yay! At breakfast, Lori brought cupcakes, and our table ate them and got icing everywhere and it was super fun.

Daniel Tedder did the entire Napoleon Dynamite dance, on stage, in costume, and I decided that he is my hero.

I was exhausted by the bus ride home, and I fell asleep to wake up with "Happy Birthday" and a mustache drawn on my face in PERMANENT MARKER! Arg. Oh well, it was pretty funny,and everyone got a whole lot of pictures. I'll post a bunch later, I just need to develop them

With all of the funs with this weekend, being at Winter Camp, and turning 16, I gained a lot more than I had even hoped for. I learned that I really want to challenge myself. Like a lot, and I can't wait until someone, or I get to this challenge, and come out learning a lot.

Today I had an interview with Allison, for Eagle Lake, and that was way incredibly awesome.

Tomorrow we take dumb CSAPS, but I get to leave at like 12:30. I'm going to see The Thorn later in the evening, and I can't wait.

This was SO long, but I felt I needed to update on how adventurous my weekend was. So until next time...
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