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6 Am and I'm tired of missing you

So I did what I absolutely HATE HATE HATE LOATHE ENTIRELY today- I bought jeans.  Oh man, I thought my mom was going to ring my neck by the end of the day, but rightfully so.  I am the pickiest when it comes to buying jeans, that I even frustrated myself.  Nevertheless, I came home with three pairs. (after driving all over freakin town) Mission accomplished. 

I cleaned my room, well for the most part, so that was cool. 

"Is that a guy...wearing a skirt? ...holding a purse...telling me to move along?"  -my mom.

 Haha, this guy was at the Citadel mall, and freaked my mom out.  I couldn't stop laughing.  She hates the Citadel mall cause she says it's where the "crazy people hang out and rear end her car or stab people."  Ha, I love my mom. 

Tomorrow I think Andrew, Tyler, Lori and I are going to do something.  Either that, or I want to see a movie.  EMILY, LET'S FREAKING DO SOMETHING!

Well, here is a fun survey type deal...since I was bored...


Picture survey...

your bed-


your bedroom door-

your closet-


closets 1 and 2

your hand-

your foot-

your bookcase-


play any instruments-



a favorite band/artist-

a band/artist you hate-


a favorite actor-

an actor you dislike-

altered photos-


Well, that was amusing.  NIGHT. 

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