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He said you're luck'll run out, girl

Tonight could go on the scariest nights of my life list. On the way home from John's house, Lori and I ran into a huge pothole, and got a flat tire. The snow was insane-like whiteout/blizzard conditions, and we had to pull over. Two sixteen-year-old girls without a clue, and not a single person stopped to help us. John ended up coming to help us change the tire. A freaking semi side swiped us. It was so scary.

So we left John's house around 8:30, and I ended up not getting home until around 11. It was freakin insane. But I learned a lot, and we both lucked out.

Otherwise, the night was fun up until leaving. This morning it was warm as I ran, and now there's more than an inch of snow everywhere and it's pretty much a white out. It's ridiculous.

Tomorrow is the last official day off for Spring break, then it's the weekend and then back to reality. Yuck, I dislike reality.

Bruce got to go to Navy Pier today, and I am super jealous because I love Navy Peir to death, and wish I could have gone too. Grrr, no fair.

Holy Moley...what a night.
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