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Do they not have pen and paper where you are?

This little girl with long brown curls asked me today if I liked cowboys. I told her yes, and she said "My daddy's a cowboy" with an adorable smile on her face. It was cute, and in a random way, made me happy. I adore little girls. They are innocent and curious, genuine and loving. Then they grow up and turn into liars and backstabbers. But that's ok. This 5-year-old made my day today.

Bruce and I watched Return of the King last night. That was fun. He also got me the Anberlin cd and an awesome moodring. It made me happy.

Sarah turned off the lights when I was in the freezer today and I freaked out and thought the power had gone out, and I couldn't find the door, or anything for that matter. Arg. Then Amber left the spoon, which might I add, was STEEL, in the blender and turned it on.

I'm having an extremely hard time writing this, because I can't think of anything at all to write.

I've been having the oddest dreams lately. They've seemed so realistic as I dream them, and I wake up in that in-between feeling where I don't know if I'm awake or not, and then when I think back on them later, they seem unreal to all get out.

Spring Break winds down and I prepare myself for fourth quarter. If the trend proves true again this year, it will go by quickly. Quickly in a good way, but still stressful as ever. I'm going to go study in a little bit, because the last thing I want to do is go back to school already started off on the wrong foot.

I have a lot of prints due Friday for photography class. Something tells me I'll have to stay after school this week since the dumb darkroom is so small.

I think I'll update later. Happy Easter.
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