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She's not an ordinary girl

I updated earlier, but I deleted it because it was pointless, and I had much more to say than I previously posted.

hes falling behind: yes I know her, very well indeed.

ezekiel tilt: she's the one I want.

ezekiel tilt: I swear that girl is the sweetest person I think I've ever met.

ezekiel tilt: I think I realized it when I met her.  It was raining harder than it ever rains in Colorado and she was jumping from puddle to puddle, flower behind her ear, hair and overalls soaking wet.  You introduced her to me, she looked at me, smiled and said "It's nice to meet you."

hes falling behind: ha.  How romantic. 


Well, on a more serious note, I have been thoroughly and utterly confused by people lately.  I've come to realize, that I am being put in a stage in my life where I am being/about to be tested for all that I have/believe in/represent.  Now, this is a somewhat scary thought, but I hope and pray that I will come out of this stronger, and knowing a lot more about myself and others.  With that said, I need some serious help.  I have made the decision to stop being such a liar when people ask me if everything's alright, and I tell them yes when it's not.  It has not only hurt me, but others as well, and if anyone reading this has experienced this coming from me firsthand, I am sorry.  I should trust my friends enough to be able to tell them what is going on, and I'm going to start acting as if this is the case-because it really is. 

That is all I'm going to say about that for now. I need to let it incubate for a little while, but it feels kinda good to decide to work on something that may seem small to some, but is pretty difficult for me.


Switch back to happiness. My dad felt sorta bad for not being able to run with me today, and came home with some lemonheads.  It was very sweet, and since Lemonheads are my absolute favorite, it made me happy. 

James broke our slide in biology that we were supposed to be looking at under a microscope.  All I heard was "oops" and I looked over and he goes "Please don't tell Mrs. Williams I did it!" Hee hee hee.  Yeah right, like I'm taking your blame for this one.  You're alone, bud.  ;)

Well, I am done for tonight.  I feel just fine, I have lemonheads and I am talking to a friend who is very important to me.  Goodnight.

I freaking love this song. 



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