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Girls just lie

Greendayskater70: Boys speak in rhythm

Tinkerbellchic74: And girls in code

Greendayskater70: do do do do

The clothes that encompass the laundry basket, resembling a small-scale Vesuvius of shirts and jeans finally got to me, so I decided to do my laundry. 

For a Tuesday, today wasn't too bad.  Stephanie and I went to the park to watch the little kids soccer games, and that was fun-let me tell you.  We decided who would be the popular, pretty, dorky, jocky, and cool kids when they grew up.  It's sad how we sat there planning out the futures of the little ones, but it was interesting nonetheless. 

Was late to english because of the shortened schedule, and perpetual line at Chipotle, but it didn't matter too much.  Bringing food back to school is risky because everyone wants some, and I always end up with like 10 people drinking my drink.  But I'm over it.  It was still good.

Tomorrow we have retarded Terra Nova testing and then periods 1-3.  I don't really need to be there for those, so I think I might come home instead.  Yeah, that would be nice. 

My cd player has a continuous white noise sound, even when it's off, and it's super freaky.  Like, if I'm reading a book in my room, with no other noise, it starts driving me nuts to the point where I have to unplug it. 

I owe my dad so much money.  But it's ok, I'll get it. 

47 days till Eagle Lake-22 days till summer-12 days until I no longer work at the Peak Grill.

Summer summer summer time......

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