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I Don't know what we were fighting for

so I woke up and went downstairs to let the dogs out since no one was home and they were being obnoxious, so I let them out, still in a daze from being up at the awful time of 6:15. I sat on the couch and closed my eyes for a second and then decided I needed to get in the shower, so on the walk back across the kitchen to the stairs I noticed a small, and I mean tiny piece of paper taped to the glass door by the handle. It said " Some guys are coming to aerate the lawn. The gate is open, DO NOT LET THE DOGS OUT." So I'm thinking "crap, they probably didn't even notice the open gate." Well, apparently they did because they weren't in the yard. Oh yeah, did I mention it rained all night and was still raining? So here I am, in the rain, my pijamas, looking like a moron trying to find my dumb dogs at 6:20 in the morning.

Um, so today was a pointless day where we did nothing of any value at all really. Well, we gave opening statements for the trial in English, but that is all. Alex and Jordan were throwing pieces of paper at Stephanie during her report, from like 3 feet away, and Mrs. Bale was completely oblivious. It was so funny. Like in the middle of a sentence she'd glare at them and grumble a "stop it!" under her breath. Good stuff.

I decided that I'm going to stop biting my nails. I bit every single one of them on my right hand down today in English alone, and decided that I'm going to stop. Ok, I'm biting my nail as I write this...Pathetic.

Tomorrow I'm meeting Paige and Lori at Starbucks after school to talk about Campagners on Thursday. Then I get to go to Chipeta to watch Emily and Weston in their 5th grade musical. Ashley and Stephanie are going as well, so it will actually be fun.

I did my spanish homework and it isn't even due tomorrow. Talk about crazy.
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