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Take your games elsewhere, honey.

Yuck, I feel sick.  I went to Walgreens with Walker and got one of those drumstick ice cream cones.  Except this one was freakishly huge.  But I ate the entire thing. 1) I wasn't even hungry. 2) It was chocolate, and I don't even like chocolate ice cream much.  I have no idea why I ate it, but I feel like I could never eat another thing in my life, and that would be just fine. 

I am dissapointed by the people that I am around everywhere I go.  Some friends, some aquaintances, but mostly people that I don't know.  It seems like everyone around me is the same.  You run into 20 different people of a specified "group" and ask them questions, and they all answer exactly the same.  They all dress alike, they all listen to the same music, they all agree on who and what is "in" and they all live a certain way so that they  can portray a certain image that they must live up to.  Now, I understand the possibility of common interests, but come on now.  Why is it appealing to hang out with a group of clones when not one of you is comfortable enough in your own skin to say "screw that, this is what makes ME happy"?  Are they really the friends they say they are if they can't even accept the interests, quirks, traits, characteristics, and gifts that make each and every one of us unique?  So many people my age aren't happy with the way things are.  Well then, why isn't anybody trying to change things?  If you look hard enough, you will be surprised to find that there are people out there that are going to discover at the person you are, and love you for it. 

It's snowing.  It needs to go away.


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