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One More Inch

Sometimes I feel like a terrible person.  If I've ever said anything to any of you that you took to heart (for the worst)  I am sorry. 

This song makes me happy.


I miss going to the park in the middle of the night and getting chased by coyotes.  I miss laying in a neighbor's yard while the sprinklers went off so that they wouldn't see us. I miss going to Hole in the Wall and jumping puddles until my shoes were permantly muddy.  I miss walking around the block for hours, doing absolutely nothing.  I miss talking to the Manitou boys, telling them we went to Holmes and then laughing as they'd get mad and say "Holmes is a preppy rich school!"  I miss building forts on the hill and making up stories to explain the weird things we found back there.  I miss getting lectured by Mrs. Brueggeman when Amanda said that Allison and I were going to "beat her up." I miss riding my bike to the pool on a not so warm day to find out that the heater was broken.  I miss swimming anyway in the freezing water because we had gotten that far.  I miss making up dances to Backstreet Boys, Vanessa Carlton and Spice girls.  I miss playing "restaraunt" and being the original inventors of coke with lemon. I miss my old swingset that we used to play gymnastics on.  I miss Brandon tying me up in his hammock and then leaving me there until I cried enough that he felt bad. I miss watching the Nightmare Before Christmas at Dio's house and then eating mangos while his mom told us about Africa.  I miss catching fire flys and hanging them up in the basement as a lantern. I miss playing kick the can in the school parking lot, and then getting mad when all of the older kids would hide the can on the roof.  I miss playing ghost in the graveyard with Eric and James, and being happy when Eric would always let me be on his team.  I miss Easter egg hunts with Franci and Tori, and finding forgotten eggs 2 months later burried in the sand box.  I miss going to Golden Bell and having an absolute blast. I miss wrapping our linked arms around the redwood trees and not even getting anywhere close to reaching all the way around the trunks.  I miss eating sundaes at Ghiradelli chocolate company in San Fransisco. I miss running through the halls at the lodge in Indiana.  I miss making marshmallow men.  I miss skateboarding down the streets in Ocean Isle. I miss sticking 400 post-its to Will's car and then becoming famous for it.

...and I figured out why people thought Walker and I were twins growing up.





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