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Ok, so quick story time.  So we're at Acquire the fire.  Sarai and I go to the bathroom which of course has a gigantic line.  Sarai and I are seriously about ready to go to the guys side which, might I add, had no line as usual.  (no one uses the stalls anyway) So this lady puts her bag on the sink ledge and opens the top and this little dog-looking thing sticks its head out.  As I'm about to say "hey, dogs aren't allowed in the World Arena," she unzips it more, and the lady behind me is like "Oh my gosh!  That's a kangaroo!" Needless to say, everyone in the bathroom freaks out and starts surrounding her like "OMG is it real? blah blah blah" and I was like "I went all the way to Australia...didn't see any kangaroo.  And I walk into the bathroom at the World Arena and see one.  What is wrong with this? "  That's gotta be the most bizarre, but raddest thing that I've experienced in a while. 

4th period I walked to the tech building to go to photography.  I was late as usual, and it was sunny and nice. Less than an hour later as I left, carrying all of my photos for my final, it was pouring, and I mean GUSHING rain outside.  What the crack?  And stupid freshman thought they were cool by splashing every puddle they could. Now I'm normally one all for puddle jumping, but a) I was wearing slippery flip flops b) my jeans were already soaked by now c) I was carrying the 5 most valuable prints I had made all year, and I couldn't afford for them to be ruined. 

Our concert went well.  I am sad that Mr. Mays won't be here next year, but he needs his life back.  I'm just worried that we're going to sound horrible because we really have been on a peak for the last few years, it really can only go downhill. 

7 days of school left.  HECK YES.  I'm really sad though.  There are a lot of people I have to say goodbye too, and I am terrible at goodbyes.  Can't think about it...



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