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I worry I won't see your face light up again

Well, I'm sitting here in my bathing suit deciding on whether or not I'm actually going to go in the hot tub...

This week has suprisingly gone by somewhat fast. Tomorrow I babysit, Saturday I work, Sunday I work, and then am going to a superbowl party. Oh joy, busy-ness

I regret slacking off last year, causing my class rank to go down. I've decided that school= learning, and not entirely socializing. Well, my dad made this decision for me, I am only trying to abide by it.

I hate to bring this in to every update, but it's on my mind. I keep thinking I'm going to tell him, or at least someone who I like. But there is no use. I am sure he likes someone else, cause he tells me he does, so I see no point in ruining what we already have. It just get's so frustrating that I think pretty soon I'm going to have to tell him.

I will develop my negatives tomorrow. I'm excited to see some of my shots. I'll post them if they're good. My radial design and contact sheet are due a week from Friday.

I don't think I'm going in the hot tub. Ah, I always do this.

Sometimes I wish I could push rewind to last semester of last year. Back when I didn't worry about all this stuff, and things were perfect, or close.
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