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Wake me When it's over

You know you live in Colorado when you go to school wearing flip-flops, because the weather is just that nice...and by the time you come home, it has been snowing for almost three hours. Arg. That's what happened Friday, and I am sick of this snow. It's supposed to be Spring break. Meanwhile my friends are on cruises to warm sunny places, and I sit here in Colorado where the weather can't make up it's freaking mind.

I worked today and yesterday, and it wasn't so bad. Randy has been in a good mood, and that usually determines whether or not the day goes well for all of us.

Bruce has only been gone since Friday, but I already miss him like crazy. Everyone is out doing exciting things for Spring break, and I miss them all. Oh well.

Tomorrow I am going shopping. I can't wait because I have needed jeans and shoes for I don't even know how long...My mom is taking me up to Denver, and I am going to do some HARDCORE shopping. I can't wait.

Over Spring break I am going to clean my room, my bathroom, get rid of things I don't need anymore and overall just get organized. The process has officially begun, and it already feels nice.

I cut out letters from magazines and I have Galatians 6:9 up on my door. It looks pretty sweet.

Well, happy spring break, and happy Birthday Kevin!
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