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I almost had you

I want to live in a place where it rains. Not this crap that taunts and tricks us into thinking that it's actually going to continue, and then turn into snow. NO MORE SNOW!

Today was considerably better than yesterday. I went to detention only to find a subsitute who reminded me very much of Mr. Rogers. Sitting with him was a million times more pleasant than facing Mrs. Doudna, especially after yesterday.

I tried to go to bed early last night, but I couldn't fall asleep for the life of me. I layed there in silence and thought about every single thing in the world I could possibly think of until I finally fell asleep somewhere a good deal later.

It appears as though we have 37 school days remaining. HECK FREAKING YESSSSS. The countdown begins....

Next Tuesday I'm going with Sarai to Encore to play my cello. Shall be fun and we get free burritos from Chipotle. It was funny though because she and Chris Luke were fighting over who was going to take me because the whole deal is, if someone from Encore brings a musician, both get free burritos. Sorry Chris, but Sarai got to me first. :) That's what you get for always eating my food in biology. It was funny because Sarai called me from practice and was like shouting above all these people and I could hear Chris in the background.

I really like Howie Day.

Today in English, people were doing poetry orals, and they were boring to say the least. So Ashley and Stephanie were passing notes, Sarai was gazing off into space, and Ron and Andrew would not stop staring at Ashley and me. It was freaky. So I leaned back and Ashley decided she wanted to put a pony tail sideways on top of my head with this little kidd-ish hair tie. It was funny, and she dared me to keep it that way for 10 minutes. So I did. And let's just say Ron and Andrew stared even more.

I did a sweet hand tinted print of a small church today in photography. It's black and white-very old fashioned looking, and I tinted random cobblestones of the front magenta as well as the steeple. Kinda cool lookin'.

Everyone keeps asking me what is wrong. I don't know if I'm not acting myself these days, but really, everything seems to be fine.

Quotes of the day:

"We're in a fight. Take your little blonde-ribboned-ponnytail elsewhere!"

"Sarai Glass, Laura Bachman and Audrey Atwell to the office-immediately"


I am bringing my camera to school tomorrow because English will be boring again. yep. Shall be fun.

Why is it my fault? So maybe it's I tried too hard. But it's all because of this desire. I just wanna be liked. Just wanna be funny-looks like the jokes on me. So call me captain backfire.

Josh Byrd broke his leg. Silly boy.
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