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I'll stand in awe of You

Something isn't right with everybody, myself included.  I feel like the tables have turned and now nobody will tell me what is going on.  Ugh, why am I acting so vain?   I don't know why I am concerned that I did something.  It's not always about me, so I need to stop thinking that I am somehow involved if my friends are having an off day. 

I do, however wish people would tell me how they feel.  And I am a hypocrite because this is the exact thing that I have been hearing for who knows how long, but I am starting to understand how it feels. 

Though you wouldn't know based on the sizeable amount of them, I hate writing updates like this, that are dripping with emotion, but as much as I wish I could, I can't escape from the fact that I am a girl, and we so (un)fortunately have been given the gift of an ever-changing emotional roller coaster ride.  arg.

I will give You all my worship. Yes, even on days like these. The battle is already over.  And You are so worthy.

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