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I'll practice the life that I pretend...

I was absolutely sure I had it all figured out.

Um, so I spent the good part of last night between a very restless "sleep" and trips to the bathroom to throw up.  Wasn't much fun.  Now I feel just fine.  I might be going to the doctor because, this has been happening recently, and I don't think it's normal. 

Austin is going to Eagle Lake!  That pal of a pal didn't tell me until yesterday.  I for real, cannot wait. 

As much as I hate daylight savings time stealing a precious hour of my sleep, it's super cool having it light out later.  So I suppose I'll take back what I said about killing it. 

Well, as far as the friends issues that I was having before, things have worked out.  By no means have they worked out how I would have planned them, but ultimately this is a good thing.  I think I've been given these situations so that I am forced to give up any control I think I have, and let God do it for me.  And I am learning to accept that. 

My abs hurt from running/throwing up so much. But I've been running well lately, so that's fun.

So I guess I'm off to some other stuff. 


50 things you might not know about Laura Grace Bachman

1. As much as I try to hide it, I can be very emotional.
2. I hate pancakes, waffles, French toast
3. I went to a school with 29 other kids.
4. I thought Peter Pan was hot.
5. I am a sucker for infomercials.
6. I am a pushover and can a lot of times tell people what they want to hear.
7. I used to have Jasmine pajamas.
8. I sing in the shower.
9. I cry easily.
10. I wish I were more devoted to cello.
11. I like(d) the backstreet boys, NSYNC, and yes, BBMac too. 
12. Holding hands is my favorite.
13. I like Colorado.
14. In 7th grade, I painted my nails everyday to match my outfit.
15. I got a referral for walking out of class.
16. Once, my friend called the class phone when we had a sub.  I answered and said that it was the office saying we needed to get out of class.
17. I dislike girls very much. Not all girls.  Stereotypical ones that are drama-machines. 
18. I am tired.
19.  I am afraid of octopuses.
20. I used to hate my middle name.
21. I find myself comparing what I do to others.
22. I am a sucker for love stories.
23. I had my kids names picked out when I was 10.
24.  I was a tomboy up until 6th grade.
25. Galatians 6:9 is one of my favorite bible verses.
26.  I would pick taking a walk in the rain over many many things.
27.  I love picnics.
28. I love it when guys smell good.
29.  I am allergic to bees.
30. I broke my arm in 3 places on the 1st day of second grade.
31. I was in love with Vanilla Ice.
32.  Emily and I had a sweet dance to Backstreet's Back.  Of which, I still know the moves.  :)
33. Being a teenager can be as hard on your parents as it is on you.
34. Devin McKinney threw up on me at the 5th grade musical.
35. I don't like New Mexico.
36. I've passed out getting blood drawn before.
37. One time, I told my friend to push me off the swingset so I could break a bone because I didn't want to go home.
38. I have no desire to go to France.  Ever.
39. For a while I answered yes when anyone would ask me if I was related to BTO. (Bachman Turner Overdrive)
40. The girl that I really disliked in 1st grade became my best friend a year later.
41. I wanted braces and glasses so badly when I was younger.  Well my wishes came true, and it sucked.
42. When Harry Potter came out on video I wanted to go to Hogwarts. 
43. I don't think Ben Affleck is hot.
44. I love little kids.
45. I was a brown belt in karate when I was younger.
46. I've walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.
47. I've gotten stung by a jellyfish.
48. I've been on the most crooked street in the US. (world?)
49.  I'm running out of things to say, which shows my level of patience.  (or lack thereof.)
50. I pulled a Ferris Bueller, balancing my head against the window on the railing of the Hancock tower in Chicago
Well there you have it.
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