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I'd be ok if we left this world today

I got an email from Jessie Marshall today. Well, actually she had sent it last week, but since our DSL modem was (and still is) very screwed up, I got it today.  Needless to say, I was excited beyond compare to hear from one of the most influential people in my life.  I miss that period of time from around October to December. 

John is reminding me more and more of Michael every time I see him.  It's cool, but when I see him I miss the Michael that I used to hang out with until 2 in the morning when I HAD to leave, and would then call the second I got back to let him know I made it safely. I'm not really sure what happened to the Michael I knew back then, but I am sad that things have gotten to the point where we can't even talk. 

School is retarded, and I'm seriously done with it.  I didn't do as badly on my math test as I was guessing, but I still didn't do that well.  I'm not slacking by any means, but I could be working a lot harder, and I'm not.  So I guess that is slacking....I don't know. 

I miss a lot of people right now, I miss the way things were in several instances, and I miss having the feeling that everything is perfect, even when it's not.

I have to miss Brett's wedding on Saturday for my stupid job, that I am working at for only 2 more weeks.  Thank Goodness. We had a good long talk last night, and he got me so fired up that my mind was still running a mile a minute today at school. 

I'm so tired, and I am at an unusual loss for words.  Here is a bit of last night. 


These pictures are terribly blurry, but it was fun.

He's my favorite ^^

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