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I'd Glady Go Down in a Flame

If a Flame's What It Takes To Remember My Name

13 March
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I must say, and would assume that half of the people reading this would agree (assuming that the number of people that read this is in fact, more than one) that this is just about as far from a real journal that you can get. It's fun, however, and that is why I have it. It's not exactly how I feel, and it's not an insight to my life by any means, but here it is, and I hope you have fun reading a little bit about my day to day existence anyway.

I live in the city of Colorado Springs where the mountains are gorgeous and the weather is nice, but I'd have to say, going from a school of 30 in a town of not many more to a school of 1,800 is quite a change. Don't get me wrong, I would never change the fact that I used to be a country hick, where I can watch episodes of "the Simple Life" and sort-of relate...but I like it here.

God is awesome, indescribable, amazing, and perfect.